Kingdom and Prophecy


by Mark Yowlesson three 2-22-2015


The Five Fold Ministry

I WILL break the hovering spirit that has tried to contain you.  No one can stop it, for it has been spoken.  I will pour out my blessing sayeth the Lord.  For the Heavens are opened, now it is time for you to open and receive sayeth the Lord. No man can stop what I’m going to do.  Truth will spring forth as you march into battle.  Release it sayeth the Lord for it is not yours.  I WILL set me people free.  The Breaker Anointing!!!

The Church

There is a cry within my spirit to set the people free from the mondane of life and religeous spirit. God from the very beginning called us to reproduce. The time has come to call forth the gifts in Gods people and set them free to market place ministry and not lift up a man. This is not about building a church it’s about building the KINGDOM. We are the church.


As the church goes the country goes. The Titanic was given several warnings about the icebergs in the area but did not heed the warning. The Watchman (Prophets) were refused binoculars when requested, but PRIDE drove the captain and we all know the rest of the story. America and the church must slow down and turn in order to miss the coming iceberg. Do not refuse the warnings as there must be a shift in the direction we are going. God Bless America and the Church.

Do not grow weary

Psa. 126:6 I needed this today so thought I would share it.
There comes a time when captivity Breaks and even though seed has been drawn out of your basket in some way, it will come back and prosper. If you have wept you will have Joy, If you have given you will have increase, If you have planted, things will grow. Do not grow weary, your giving will eventually overtake your drought. Can I get a shout!!!

Sin No More

Jesus said follow me, some things are caught not taught.When they brought the adultress woman before Jesus he said you that are without sin cast the first stone, in otherwords don’t judge. But the part we forget is, he also said go and sin no more.